Talks & Presentations

2019-2020 Academic Year

8/12 New York. American Sociology Association. Panelist. Presentation title “On the Political Usefulness of Credit”

8/30 Washington D.C. APSA. Member of author Meets Critics Panel for Stephanie Mudge’s Leftism Reinvented

10/9 Baltimore. Johns Hopkins, Department of Sociology and the Arrighi Center for Global Studies

10/24 Boston. Boston University, Sociology Colloquium.

10/25 Boston. Center for Philosophy & History of Science at Boston University, Social Institutions: From Ontology to Practice Colloquium

10/28 Princeton. Institute for Advanced Studies Presentation Seminar (closed to the public)

11/5 Waterville. Colby College, Department of Sociology Colloquium.

11/7 New York. NYU Sociology of Culture workshop.

11/15 Charlottesville. UVA Sociology, TEMPO workshop.

11/23 Chicago. Social Science History Association.

  • Author Meets Critic for American Bonds, with Kim Morgan, Brian Sargent, and Carly Knight

  • Author Meets Critic: Conservative Innovators: How States Are Challenging Federal Power by Ben Merriman


2/18 Durham. Global Financial Markets Center at Duke University School of Law

3/3 Providence. Brown, Sociology Colloquium.

3/20 Columbus. The Ohio State University, Sociology Colloquium.

4/2 San Diego. University of California, San Diego, Sociology Colloquium.

4/9: Chicago. Comparative Historical Social Science (CHSS) workshop, keynote address.